To all friends and fans of The Snooty Mehmaan. We have news regarding the July 4th and reopening of the restaurant.


We have taken the decision to NOT open the restaurant till later in the year. It has been a tough decision in all honesty. The unprecedented parameters that we have been met with poise a huge danger heading into the deep recession which sits on the horizon.


Having faced the 08/09 recession and just barely getting through, this one promises to be even tougher and it’s with that in mind that running The Snooty Mehmaan as a takeaway outlet makes financial sense and allows the business to accommodate downturn and remain profitable and still provide great value for money.


Reduced covers and recording every customers’ details for social distancing/track and trace and major uncertainty of a second spike could be the difference between a mandatory closing or; closing due to traced infections. Both of which are high risk avenues we are not prepared to take knowing other paths (takeaway) are available. 


Whilst the main restaurant remains closed, we will also take this opportunity to complete our refurbishment works inside the main restaurant and hope to also complete the on-going building works for our purpose-built events venue, bedrooms and landscaping.


The Snooty Mehmaan marks its 10th Anniversary just gone in June 2020 and will continue to serve the community in both great tasting food and charity work in the local area and apply a digital business strategy that meets the growing home delivery/click and collect market.


We applaud all of hospitality for getting restaurants and hotels open with job creation and increasing the local and national economic growth. This really is great to see.


The future is not all bleak and our latest project that we look to open before the years end will create an inclusive cooking and dining experience for curry enthusiasts. So, watch this space.


Thank you for reading the post and look forward to serving you very soon. 



Tel: 01367 242 260


Faringdon Road (A420), Littleworth, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 8PW