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Breakfast Menu

English Breakfast



Beef Sausages, Smoked Turkey Rashers, Hashbrowns, Sauté Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Egg, Beans and Toast.  9.0



Veggie Sausages, Hashbrowns, Sauté Mushrooms, Mashed Avocado, Grilled Tomato, Egg, Beans and Toast. 9.0



(Choice of Eggs: Poached, Scrambled, Fried)

(Choice of Bread: Sourdough, White, Brown)


Eggs, Smoked Salmon & Toast 10.50


Eggs Avocado (V) 8.50

Smashed avocado with crushed chilli flakes


Eggs, Smoked Bacon & Toast 8.50


Eggs, Sausages & Toast 8.50



Breakfast Classics

Belgium Waffles (V) (G) (D) (E) 8.00


Pancake (V) (G) (D) (E) 8.00


Snooty French Toast (V) (G) (D) (E) 8.00


Choice of Toppings: (each) 1.50

Oreo | Mixed Berries & Cream |Vanilla Ice Cream


Choice of Topping Sauce: Raspberry Sauce |

Blueberry Sauce | Chocolate Sauce | Caramel Sauce



Toast (White, Brown) 2.50

Sausages 3.00

Smoked Bacon 3.00

Smoked Salmon 4.00

Beans 2.00

Hash Browns 2.00

Avocado 2.00

Eggs (Poached, Scrambled, Fried) 3.00

Maple Syrup

Indian Breakfast
Try something new…


Dosa (V) (D)

Originating from South India, made from a fermented batter predominantly consisting of lentils and rice.

It is somewhat similar to a crepe in appearance. 12.50


Choice of Fillings: Bombay Masala, Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) or Plain. Served with coconut chutney, tomato chutney and dal sambar (lentil)


Vegan option also available, please ask…


Halwa Paratha (D (G)

An interesting combination of sweet and savoury

flavours, all in one go. 8.50


Paratha (flaky flat bread) served with halwa (made

with semolina), mixed berries and maple syrup



Kids Menu


One Egg Your Own Way 6.00

Choice of: Poached, Scrambled or Fried

With a choice of: Bacon, Sausage, Toast


Beans on Toast 5.50


Pancakes with maple syrup 5.50


Waffle with maple syrup 5.50


Choice of Toppings: (each) 1.50

Oreo | Mixed Berries & Cream | Vanilla Ice Cream



Hot Drinks



Espresso | Cappuccino | Americano | Latte

Macchiato | Flat White


TEAS 2.75

English Breakfast | Indian Masala Chai

Earl Grey | Peppermint | Lemon & Ginger

Chamomile | Green Tea



Orange Juice | Apple Juice | Tomato Juice | Cranberry Juice

9.5% service charge will be added to your bill


Management advises that the food prepared here may contain or could have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish or fish. Please speak to a member of our staff if you require any assistance or have any questions.


(V) Suitable for Vegetarians        (VG) Suitable for Vegans       (N) Contains Nuts      (E) Contains Eggs       (S) Contains Soya

(D) Contains Dairy      (G) Contains Gluten

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